The fourth wall is the imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage in a traditional three-walled box set on a theater stage, through which the audience sees the action in the world of the play.

Basically, fourth-walling is when the character or characters recognize that they are in fact in a book/manga/anime/movie/tv show and comment on such.  Gintama is a gag-manga famous for ripping off referencing all sorts of other anime, games, manga and movies.  Gintoki would definitely recognize other manga characters, especially his fellow Shounen JUMP heroes and stars.  He is a fan of anime and manga, especially JUMP which he has been reading since he was a kid, somehow.  If you would rather Gintoki do any sort of 4th walling around your character, please let me know in a comment below.  

If you're okay with it, which pretty much means Gintoki will just make offhand comments about it and not really push the issue, please likewise let me know by commenting below.  Maybe let me know to what degree you're okay with it; i.e. let me know what he shouldn't bring up or otherwise comment on (major plot points, character weaknesses, etc.).

For reference:  here is an example of the 4th walling I typically do.

As for other permissions:

backtagging:  YES  Please do, I can be kinda slow.
threadhopping: YES  Always.  More chaos is great.
fourthwalling:  YES - see the 4th wall opt in/opt out above
subjects to stay away from: NO  None really.  Gintoki has some extremely painful past memories, but he's generally okay, or good at acting okay.

flirting with this character:  YES Sure thing.  He might even flirt back.
touching this character:  YES Sure, though he'll be weirded out if it's romantic.  
hugging this character:  YES Again, sure.  He'll definitely let people know if he doesn't like it.
kissing this character: YES Hahahaha well be ready for a loud reaction.  Why would anybody kiss him. . .
something more romantic or rated-M:  YES It's possible.  He can be charming and he's a bit of a hedonist, so just hit me up and we can chat about what you have in mind.

fighting this character:  YES  He can be pretty rude, so feel free to jaw back and forth with him.  He's good at banter.  He won't back down from a physical fight too easily either.
injuring this character:  YES  Sure, but he's a a lot tougher than he looks, so be ready.
killing this character:  TALK TO ME  Generally let me know if this is your intention.  He can be killed but he's a tough nut to crack.
using telepathy on this character:  YES  Feel free to chat beforehand and we can work things out
warnings: He is really tough.  Even though he's human, he'd be a pretty hard one to fight with and injure/kill.  He's also not afraid to insult your character and everything they stand for.  He can be charismatic but he's also clever.  He doesn't like bullies or people who take advantage of others who can't defend themselves.


Player: Dan
Preferred Contact: PM to the player journal, plurk or discord if we have CR or know each other.
Usual tagging times/pace: Mountain Standard Time; moderate to slow tagging pace
 Backtagging: Always and forever
 Fourthwalling policy: There will be 4th walling unless you opt out
 Action vs. Prose: I like and do both, so whatever the situation calls for.
 Offensive Subjects & Triggers: Not much. I'll tell you if don't like it. 

Physical Violence: Totally fine with any level of violence.  I enjoy playing out fights usually.
Mental Information: I'm fine with pretty much anything here; let's talk about it.
Physical Affection: I'm fine with it for Gintoki; he'll reserve the right to react to it in an inappropriate way. 
IC Triggers: No.  If you're a mean bully maybe watch out.
Relationships: Definitely open to all types of relationships.  He is bound to make some familial relationships, that's just who he is.
Are you interested in participating in the game's smut opt-ins? Possibly, just ask.
If yes, please state your preferences: Adults only.  Ask me for anything specific.

Right now Gintoki has no special powers.  See the stuff about 4th-walling and you're good.

WHEN YOU COMMENT BELOW TO OPT IN OR OPT OUT OF 4TH WALLING: Please tell me what game you are from in the subject line.  


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