2015-08-15 11:12 am
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Glass Key Information post


CANON: Gintama
AGE: Late 20s
BRAND: Right about here
JOB: Entertainment/Escort
  • Wooden sword/bokuto
  • JUMP
  • strawberry milk
  • Clothes from home - Kimono, boots
  • Nice clothes for his job


TRIGGERS: He doesn't bullies or people who take advantage of others in a really harmful way, so be careful. Threatening to hurt someone he cares about is the fastest way to get on his bad side, so only characters who are looking for a fight should do that.

Gintoki has some painful past memories that can leave him feeling guilty and worthless, but he's generally okay.

FIGHTING: Fighting is A-OK. Despite his job in entertainment, he's more than capable with a sword and he'd present a real challenge to anybody. He'd likely really hurt someone who attacked him or someone he cared about. He's good with throwing a punch at someone who deserves it, too.

AFFECTION: Affection is fine; he won't react badly to it. But he's not going to be reciprocating too much. He doesn't get close to someone easily, and he shows he cares in other ways.
INSIGHT: He doesn't have anything that would prevent someone with that power from doing something like reading his thoughts, so that's fine. Just let me know.

MORE: Anybody that's going to play with Gintoki needs to read this 4th walling permissions post. Gintama is a comedy series where they break tFurther permissions are there too.


CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] tropospheres
BACKTAGGING: always and forever
PROSE V. ACTION: both are fine; it depends on the thread.
THREADJACKING: totally fine with it